Technische gegevens Bubba
Software :
Running Linux 2.6, Debian
Apache web server
Dovecot IMAP server (IMAP, IMAPS)
Postfix SMTP server
Fetchmail (for fetching email from other pop or imap accounts)
File server (http, samba, ftp)
Download manager (bittorrent, http, ftp)
Printer server, supporting all major brands
DAAP streaming media server (Firefly)
UPnP streaming media server (Mediatomb)
Internal Linux available for advanced users

3.5”, 7200 rpm IDE disk drive
200 MHz ARM9 CPU
128 MByte internal RAM
LAN standard: 10/100BASE-TX
USB 2.0 (12 Mbps) type A to hub, printer, memory stick or USB disk
Size: 184 x 114 x 43 mm, weight: 1700 g
Noise: < 27 dB
Power: < 10W (active)

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